J.X. Williams Gala Presentation
North by Northeast Festivals and Conference
Toronto Underground Cinema
186 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON
Thursday, June 16th 8:00


Films by J.X. Williams

Panel moderated by Shael Stolberg with Mina Shum, David Kleiler, and Ilko Davidov.

Presentation by Noel Lawrence

North By Northeast is thrilled to present the Canadian premiere of "Kunst-Camera: J.X. Williams’ Cabinet of Curiosities" as the Gala Film of its 2011 festival. This rare screening offers a rare look at the work of legendary avant-garde director J.X. Williams. Acknowledged as a huge influence on Tarantino and Scorcese and as a pioneering director of 1970’s L.A. punk-rock videos, Williams remains notorious for his films' incendiary content: "Kunst-Camera" sparked a police crackdown at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival.

In this film program and live presentation, the J.X. Williams Archive opens it vault to screen a collection of rare cinematic artifacts from its holdings. Many of these fragments come from feature films that vanished decades ago. Others offer a sneak preview of works currently undergoing restoration. Due to the sensitive legal nature of the films, the final program will not be announced until time of

"A spiritual vortex of sub rosa Americana." - Paul Cullum, The New York Times

"Underground movies cannot dig much deeper than those of J.X. Williams." - Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

"A musician friend once observed that the most intriguing artists don't just create individual pieces; they're iconic figures who project a philosophy or personality, a life force that becomes a conceptual umbrella covering everything they make. J.X. Williams, a cult filmmaker, conspiracy theorist, enemy of the Mafia and the FBI, and all-around outlaw visionary, is that sort of figure." - Matt Zoller Seitz,

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